Thursday, June 28, 2012

Clearly Not Much of a Blogger...

The last time I posted here was over a year ago. But like I wrote in an earlier post, I'm more a blogger-READER than a blogger myself. Still... it is fun to read things I've posted in the past. Just like I like to re-read journals. It's interesting to see where one "was" at a particular point in the past, and to remember that moment in time.

I see that last year I had posted alot about trying to pin down going back to school. It's so funny really. I remember doing the pros and cons of the different school offerings, and now my focus has changed so much. I still feel called to studying theology, of a sort....but my faith, the way I define it today, has done a 360. Now I'm actually considering a course of study in holistic theology, "interfaith" rather than any particular denominational flavor.... and I'm really psyched about this. I think it more aligns with where I am at this moment. Reading the old post makes me realize, however, how new these ideas are. I can't pinpoint when it all changed. But change it has. It has taken on a new life of its own and I'm excited by it.

It's summer now and I'm on vacation. I go back the day after the Fourth. Boy, I love being off all these days. I so needed the break. We have been really low-key. We spent the day out yesterday at the Aquarium and the little shops across the road. Oh, and the used book store!!! I came home with FORTY BOOKS!!! I was like a kid in a toy store. Boy, I love good used book stores. (Most of the books were non-fiction, of a theological/feminine bent. Surprise!!)

I also bought the boy all the Harry Potter books with the exception of The Order of the Phoenix. He was psyched too. I have bred a reader!!! YAY!!!!!

Our days have been spent playing outside, on the swings or in the front playing basketball, weeding the garden or just walking around exploring the yard. Sleeping late. Staying in our pajamas all day. Love it so much! Necessary for the soul.

Now it is almost 1 a.m. I must go to bed. I've been doing so by 10:30 most days, which is a plus, although there was the night I stayed up writing notes for the art lessons I am doing with the boy, and at some point, I heard this bird singing LOUD and I wasn't sure what it was---it seemed too loud for nighttime, and then I looked up and noticed that the window seemed highlighted somewhat, and I got up to look, and realized it was DAWN. It was nearly 5 a.m.... I had stayed up ALL NIGHT.... Now, in the past, I've stayed up really late surfing the Web, and I've stayed up really late reading, and/or watching TV, but all those times, I knew I was up late, I realized the hours passing. For some reason, this night, I had no recollection of all those hours, and it was dawn already and I hadn't slept yet, and wasn't even tired!

It was really weird. (I did end up falling asleep then, after putting everything away, and I slept til 9.)

Off to sleep now.